We have news about the future of
The White Hart Inn!

We will be closing on Friday, 11th September until further notice while we explore options for the next phase in the life of the inn.
We have been open for four years and, we think, delivered on our ambition of providing the very best country inn food, drink and accommodation. As some of you know, we have faced challenges of various sorts, and the inn has never made a profit. Stella has supported The White Hart Inn throughout but can’t do so indefinitely. Now is the right time to reflect on the best way to secure the long term future of The White Hart Inn as a profitable business.
On behalf of the current and former team, Stella thanks all The White Hart Inn’s customers, and indeed friends, for their support, encouragement, fantastic suggestions, daft ideas, good humour, occasional tantrums and, of course,
their dogs.

Thank you